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With the microprocessor-controlled CompuDent(TM) delivery system and the revolutionary Wand® handpiece, giving local anesthetic injections of all types has never been easier. Holding the Wand(TM) in a pen-like grasp gives you unparalleled tactile feel and control without the muscle fatigue that occurs with a traditional syringe. Because less penetration force is required, needle advancement is almost effortless. The flow rate of the anesthetic is controlled by a microprocessor instead of the pressure of your thumb, making it more precise. The Wand can make giving an injection one of the easiest tasks in your busy day.

Think of the palm-thumb grasp and pressing movement required to inject with a traditional syringe. Then picture the precise movements you can make when holding a pen - to write, to draw. No wonder the Wand enables such accuracy. The pen-like grasp allows bi-directional rotation during injection, which prevents needle deflection that can occur with a traditional syringe. A straighter path results in a more accurate injection, meaning fewer missed blocks, and a more rapid onset of anesthesia.

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